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My big Silly Sweet Golden Retriever Macy

Since probably before I was even born I have been a dog lover, my parents are both the same, so it comes to me naturally.  When my family moved into our neighborhood, one of our new friend's had two Golden Retrievers, I have always thought there is no cuter puppy than a Golden.  So one day my friend called me to tell me her breeder had two female dogs that just had puppies and am  I interested in going to see them.  So after convincing my husband, because I knew once I saw them, I would not be able to not want to bring one home.  This breeder loves all of dogs, and she does things a little differently.  She does not let you pick the puppy you want, she lets the puppy pick you.  I wanted the runt of the litter because my husband did not want such a big dog in the first place.  Lo and behold the runt of the litter was not interested in anyone the day we had our visit, but the largest female puppy of both litters, walked right up my body, kissed me on the face and laid down.  So I always joke that the "chubby" puppy picked the "chubby" mommy to bring her home to the "chubby" grandmother.  

Puppy years are always filled with good and bad, puppy kisses are the best, their exuberance and zest for life and zany ways can always make you laugh even on the worse days.  She was a pretty good puppy, the worst thing she ever did was decided to eat the molding on the bottom of a few walls.  Boy was I mad but we made it through that stage.  Five years later, I can't even begin to express how much joy this dog has brought to our family and extended family and friends.  Watching her play with our neighbor's black lab in the backyard, her boyfriend Buddy, could make anyone laugh and has.  Yes this dog is a family member if you are a person that does not understand this and think a dog is a dog, this post is not for you.

Recently it was a Friday night I was throwing a tennis ball with her, my husband came home from work and I went inside, he came inside a few minutes later to tell me Macy was limping.  What she was doing was way more than limping thought she might have actually broken her leg, brought her to the vet the next morning and was told she tore her ACL, I have never heard of this in a dog only in football players, now I know how common this injury is in certain large breed dogs.  She would need surgery to repair.  The surgery on her left leg went well, but my happy Golden was so sad the first two weeks following surgery and it broke my heart. 

My work was very understanding and let me work from home a lot to take care of her.  Finally she got her sutures out and a few days after that she was really doing well and acting like her normal HAPPY self.  This dog has two sets of grandparents that love her as much as we do.  They came to visit on a Saturday, Macy was so happy to see them, I had been so careful with her, but took my eyes off of her for a few minutes and she decided to sprint outside to see them.  Next I heard the most awful sound ever, a pop and then my dog yelped.  I turn around scared to death that she somehow had really hurt her leg that she just had surgery on. Well it was even worse than that she was holding up her right leg, and it looked worse than how she was holding the original one up and I knew right away, she tore her ACL again in the good leg.  I was besides myself and cried all weekend, I did not feel like a good doggie mother and blamed myself.  Macy had her second surgery in a matter of three weeks and we brought her home. 

Forward to last night just two days after surgery we had to go out, yes we crated her as we had been instructed, yes we had a the protective head gear.  We were gone three hours, my husband was the first one to come in the house, and right away he saw her leg had blood.  This crazy golden was able to take off the head gear and she took out 11 sutures. She ate 6 and we found 5 in her crate.  My heart dropped, all I want is for this big sweet dog to feel better and now another setback.  We took her to the ER Vet and they resutured her and tried to make us feel better by saying she did a very good job of not opening the wound just removing the sutures.  We brought her back home last night and slept a little bit.  Seeing your dog not feeling well is so hard, especially because they can't talk.  I know she is going to be her self again later down the road, and we will all feel better but the waiting is stressful.  I wanted to write the above because there is not a lot out there on ACL repair and how easy it really does happen.  On a side note, the surgeons that took care of Macy and me, were so wonderful and caring, I made chocolate for each of them and they said no one has ever done anything like that for them.  That shocked me, because they really were so kind.  I have also met some of the nicest "dog" people in the various pet hospitals we have been to in the last three weeks.  Dog surgery is very expensive and has really put a strain on our finances, but there is not anything I would not do to make my dog feel better and be able to live a happy dog life again.  If you are able and willing please donate no amount is to small.  If you are not able support and prayers are also welcome.

Sweet dog waiting to be pet, before injuries.

Vet ER after sedation and pain medication.

Second Surgery and Second Set of Sutures, poor doggie!